Office+MDOn-site Medical Care for a Healthier Workforcestethoscope

Value. Convenience. Quality.

A win-win-win solution to health care delivery for the workplace.

About Us

Our Mission

Enable businesses to empower their workforce to achieve a healthier life while bringing quality, convenience and value to all parties involved.

Our Vision

Provide front line medical care directly to patients at their workplace with an on-site clinic. Simplify accessibility to quality healthcare; resulting in a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Our Focus

Practice illness prevention over illness treatment. Empower patients to live a healthier lifestyle through education. Provide a win-win-win situation for all parties involved: value for employer, productive and quality care by provider, and convenience for employee. Encourage employer to actively promote employees to participate in improving their health.

About Our Business

Office+MD was formed out of necessity for patients to access health care that is convenient. It was also created out of the love for medicine. As health care costs continue to rise, companies need to find ways to combat this skyrocketing trend. Meanwhile, physicians often spend less time with the patients due to managed care restrictions. Employees of companies are often left waiting hours to see the doctor and taking hours off work to do so.

Office+MD was created to provide a win-win-win situation for companies, employees, and physicians.

Office+MD allows your employees access to our on-site physician without leaving the office. Our physician benefits from not dealing with the hassle of managed care requirements providing better care and getting back in touch with practicing medicine. Your company benefits from fewer claims, healthier employees, and an increase in productivity due to fewer absences.

Our On-site Physician Services