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A win-win-win solution to health care delivery for the workplace.

employeesKey to a Healtier Company

Healthy Staff

Our on-site physician understands the type of illnesses that your staff may face - such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, back pain, flu, headaches or just simply a rash. These problems can be quickly diagnosed and treatment can begin immediately on site in your office. In addition, the on-site physician can administer annual physical exams to aid in the wellness of your staff.

Increase Company's Bottom Line

In addition to having a healthier and happier staff, our on-site physician service will benefit other areas of your company. With health care premiums skyrocketing, simply having an on-site physician can potentially reduce the amount your company is paying. With fewer claims, your company can work with your insurance provider to negotiate better premiums each year. Our service can also improve / boost the morale of your staff.  This can lead to better retention of staff, reduction in recruiting costs and lightening the workload for your human resources team.

Reduces Absence From Work

Your employees often fight through traffic or bad weather to get to their physician's office so you can understand why our on-site physician service is a benefit for your business / company. This reduces the need for your staff to take sick time off and can be less disruptive to the working day of your team. Look at the advantages:

  • A project manager takes the afternoon off to see a doctor and the whole project gets put on hold / derailed.
  • A very productive employee takes time off for a doctor's appointment but an appointment might not be available for a day.  Your employee is forced to take a day off, leaving your company without its leading performer.

Staff Appreciation

Our on-site physician is a highly valued component of any benefits package. Staff can easily arrange appointments on short notice, even the same day, or simply use the service for occasional advice from a licensed physician. The on-site physician can serve as a second opinion to the employee's primary care physician.

Skilled Licensed Physician

With Office+MD, your staff's health care is in the hands of a licensed physician who can serve as  the first line of defense against illness in your office. Our on-site physician works with your employee's primary care physician to provide continuity. Your employee's primary care physician can always have access to our electronic medical records with the employee's permission.